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Just Wood

Numerically Cut



For Life

1Our Vision

We Care

The Beauty of Nature is our legacy. We care about it. Let ethics and sustainability enter your home.

2Our Strategy


The wood and the production is local. Just next to you with no transportation and no packaging. Support local jobs.

3Our Innovation


Customize and order digital. We manage digital production on demand, everywhere. Pick your unique piece!

4Our Guess

You care

You care about where and how a product is made. You care about design and well-being. You care about exploring new ways. Let’s do it together. You, us and our craftsman.

5Our Makers

Your craftsman

He makes things happen. He is close to you. He is a high-tech professional and will produce your iWood piece.

6Our Products

Your design piece

Your design piece is born in your city and 100% made of wood. It’s ergonomic, playful and designed for your specific need.

7Our Timing

Available Spring 2019

We are working on our first collection. At the same time we enlarge our craftsmen network. Be informed about our next steps - be part of the iWood Community.

Available Spring 2019

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